jellybeanbug24 (jellybeanbug24) wrote in bathbodyworks,

Semi Annual Sale check in

How is everyone doing with theirs?

We have SOLD OUT of all of our Classics shower gels yesterday morning (June 16). A lot of customers coming in later were kind of upset about that, so I was SWATing out of my butt so they didn't feel like their trip was wasted.

Our store still has a lot of hand creams and Warm Milk & Honey in the clearance bins. I also set up the 50% off hand soap table last evening. We have a ton of Orange Sapphire foaming soap to sell (still sad that they are going to be gone :( )

Do you guys still have a lot of the "You had me at 'Hello'" totes to sell? I think we are finally on our last box. I bought one the very first day and I keep going back and shopping with it, I need to stop, haha. I have spent way too much money, especially on the 22 oz jar candles, but I've heard good stories about the jar candles, so I am going to give them a try (I usually buy the 3 wick candles, but my wicks on a couple of my candles keep drowning themselves for some reason :-/).

Also, how long did the night before floorsets take you? We were there until 1am and it was being worked on since I got there earlier that afternoon (I came in at 2:30pm).

Aaand finally, have you guys bought anything from this sale?

So far, I have bought:

1 Hello, Yellow tote (obviously :-P)
2 Warm Milk & Honey pillow mists (my husband loves them!)
3 CO Bigelow Mentha Lip products
1 Caribbean Escape single bulb
1 Fresh Cotton Scentportable refills
1 22 oz Caribbean Escape jar candle (I LOVE this fragrance)
2 Orange Sapphire moisturizing hand soaps
1 Orange Sapphire foaming hand soap

Like I said, I need to stop spending money at this sale, this sale is kind of dangerous, haha
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