the one, the only (summer_daisies) wrote in bathbodyworks,
the one, the only

Counterfeit product?

Hi everyone! It doesn't seem like this community is very active but I've been desperately looking for somewhere to ask this question, and this seems like the best place.

I was very disappointed to find out that Bath and Body Works discontinued my favorite fragrance, Rainkissed Leaves. After being unable to find these products on their website, I bought some of the body lotion from Amazon. The bottles are pristine and bear the old style label. However, upon looking at the labeling, I realized that there was a typo on the back. The name of the fragrance was spelled "RAINKISSSED LEAVES." Immediately my suspicions were roused because this type of thing is common among counterfeit products. All 3 bottles I bought have this error on the labeling.

I paid slightly less for these bottles than I would have paid for them in the store, but not enough that would make me think twice. Also, the seller seems to have many, many more (I was able to choose from up to 20 bottles). They have a 94% positive rating.

So do you think these bottles are real? Is this an error that has occurred on real Bath and Body Works products with this fragrance before? I can post pictures if you need. Thanks!!!
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