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Semi Annual Sale check in

How is everyone doing with theirs?

We have SOLD OUT of all of our Classics shower gels yesterday morning (June 16). A lot of customers coming in later were kind of upset about that, so I was SWATing out of my butt so they didn't feel like their trip was wasted.

Our store still has a lot of hand creams and Warm Milk & Honey in the clearance bins. I also set up the 50% off hand soap table last evening. We have a ton of Orange Sapphire foaming soap to sell (still sad that they are going to be gone :( )

Do you guys still have a lot of the "You had me at 'Hello'" totes to sell? I think we are finally on our last box. I bought one the very first day and I keep going back and shopping with it, I need to stop, haha. I have spent way too much money, especially on the 22 oz jar candles, but I've heard good stories about the jar candles, so I am going to give them a try (I usually buy the 3 wick candles, but my wicks on a couple of my candles keep drowning themselves for some reason :-/).

Also, how long did the night before floorsets take you? We were there until 1am and it was being worked on since I got there earlier that afternoon (I came in at 2:30pm).

Aaand finally, have you guys bought anything from this sale?

So far, I have bought:

1 Hello, Yellow tote (obviously :-P)
2 Warm Milk & Honey pillow mists (my husband loves them!)
3 CO Bigelow Mentha Lip products
1 Caribbean Escape single bulb
1 Fresh Cotton Scentportable refills
1 22 oz Caribbean Escape jar candle (I LOVE this fragrance)
2 Orange Sapphire moisturizing hand soaps
1 Orange Sapphire foaming hand soap

Like I said, I need to stop spending money at this sale, this sale is kind of dangerous, haha
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I guess it's a good thing I don't have any money to spend or I'd probably be buying stuff left and right.
I never thought I'd say this, but I am so glad that my paycheck this week is on a tight budget or else I would be broke as a joke, right now omg.
We had a ton of Henri Bendel candles at 75% off, so I went a little nuts. Cinnamon Bark, Black Fig, Apricot, Quince, and Gardenia all made it into my stash, as well as a random 3-wick Ginger Vanilla candle that was also 75% off. One of the stores near me is a test store for Odor Eliminating candles, and they've got Lavender and Vanilla, Clean Mist, Pure Vanilla and Crisp Orchard Spice that I believe are going 75 off shortly...I'm waiting. :) (I obviously have a bit of a candle addiction.)
1. We were sold out of classics the morning the deal went $3. Yeah, no one's happy about that.
2. We've got a ton of great 75% off--lip stuff, Warm Milk & Honey/Stress Relief, Henri Bendel candles (you bet your ass I bought 2 Apricots for $6.50 apiece). Cooling mist, too. Lots of that.
3. We went through 800 Hello Yellow totes. Not one left. Sold out of them by Tuesday.
4. The floorset? We were there until 3am. And still weren't quite done.
We sold out of our totes in like 4 days or so, tong longer than we anticipated because our customers can be retarded ( i know you all can agree) and they will spend 60 dollars on products and then refuse to get the bag when it will SAVE THEM MONEY!
Anyways, I keep hearing of people thinking its a bad business move that their BBW didn't have any more totes. Its not a wrong business move-you were just too damn late!
end rant. >
also, we were at the floorset till 3 am because one of our newest coworkers slipped off a ladder and her left knee cap popped out to the side of her leg. We had to call 911 and the mall security rent a cop guy came, the fire departnment was there, the ems people were was crazy. She started going into major shock and actually bit one of my other coworkers out of pain. I had to cover up her knee ( which really really looked disgusting) so she wouldnt stop breathing cause she was freaing out so badly. Luckily shes okay now!!