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Signature Collection Men's Line

Since I really love working here and talking about it, I'd like to keep this community rolling, haha.

Not surprised the new Signature Collection men's line came out early, it has been selling pretty well in my store. How has it been selling in yours?

Also, what are your favorite fragrances in that line?

My husband and I love the Ocean. I think it smells real refreshing! I think I like the Noir second - even though it does remind me of Axe (not that Axe smells bad or anything). I really dislike the Oak, but it does seem to have a fan following in my area.

Are you guys ready for the spring Semi Annual sale? We got a few shampoos/conditioners in with very few classics stuff. We have a TON of old formula body lotion to tell. I think I read somewhere that they (corporate) are expecting a lot of those to sell during those few days they're $4.

ETA: Oh yeah, has anyone knocked over the blue water prop for the Deep Aqua table? I am surprised that no one has knocked ours over yet, I thought it would be a disaster for sure. One of the managers didn't know to change the water every week, so it wasn't looking too good for a while there, haha
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