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Men's products

Discontinued! WHY?!?!?!? AUUUUUGH!!! :(
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They're coming out with a new men's line in the Signature Collection and it will be WAY better.
You can still get the stuff online, I think. We have some of it still in our store. Mostly colognes and shave gels, but we have 1 scent of shower gels too.

The new stuff is called Deep Aqua and has 4 different scents, I think. Might be online already, IDK. Otherwise there's always CO Bigelow mens products.

You can always call customer service and complain that the Bath and Body Works Mens collection was discontinued.
Deep Aqua is the new signature fragrance. But not one of the new signature men's line. It has crisp melon and gardenia. It is not a men's fragrance in my opinion, though it also has white woods like the Elixer White in the COBigelow line, so maybe it could work for men, but I think the gardenia and the melon are too strong to work for dudes.

The new signature mens collection does launch on the same day as the deep aqua though. So that could be the confusion. But they are two different collections.
You're right. My store was pretty confused as to what the new men's line was called.

I was never a fan of the BBW Men's line, I much prefer the CO Bigelow products.
Is the CO Bigelow Barber men's line being discontinued? I hope not, I love the Elixir Blue. I read that the men's signature line was suppose to expand in late May, or something like that?
I think it's the classic mens that are being discontinued. I heard that they were going to put some men's stuff into the signature collection too...
Because they are relaunching them under the Signature collection! So guys can get in on all the great deals us woman-folk get.