murflegirl (murflegirl) wrote in bathbodyworks,


Is anyone really, REALLY hoping for a visit from Papa Ken?!

I know Store 603 DEFINITELY is!
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If he brings the pizza, then SURE! :P
LOL I think my manager is...but we've been planned waaaaay higher than we can make so yeah, don't think we'll see him :( Tell him hi for me if you get the visit!
Hahaha, ditto! I think my managers are psyched, but the rest of us were kinda rolling our eyes during the video. Although, apparently one of the stores a few cities away won something big a few years ago. Not sure if it was an actual visit from Papa Ken, though.
We are! We've actually been doing really well, too. YAY PAPA KEN.
I would be more excited if we were actually MAKING sales plan.
Hello Papa Ken, you decide to come back when we're in a RECESSION and people don't like spending money.

but we still hope he pops in!
My Co-Manager won the Papa Ken Pizza a few years back at another store. He has his picture with Papa Ken, himself, the other CM, the SM, the RM, DM and the Sales Leader framed, lol.